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Réunions durables

At The Fairmont Pierre Marques, we believe meetings and conferences can have a positive impact beyond the meeting room, as companies and planners alike seek out ways to give back to the communities and destinations where they gather. 
Let our sales and conference services managers tailor a program that will meet the needs of your busy group and at the same time find a way for them to leave a lasting impression on the community.
Nous offrons aux organisateurs la possibilité de :
  • réduire leur empreinte carbone grâce à Eco-Meet, notre programme d’organisation de conférence écologique exclusif, qui permet de réduire l’impact environnemental de votre réunion grâce à une consommation réduite des ressources.
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  • give back on a more personal level through one of our hands-on volunteerism programs that allow meeting planners and their guests to bond as a team through shared community outreach excursions such as participating in beach clean-up
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  • designate 10% of guest room revenue to either a local charity supported by The Fairmont Pierre Marques and aligned with Fairmont’s commitment to community well-being and environmental sustainability, or to one that resonates more closely with their guests
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